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Alibi Technologies
UX Case Study


Sole UX Designer on the rebrand of Alibi Technologies with a team of 2 developers

The Company- Alibi Technologies

At Alibi Technologies, we’re pioneers in the realm of content and e-commerce. Our mission? To transform shoppable content into a reality by offering a video platform that caters to those impulsive purchase moments.


Alibi Branded Channel Platform is a B2B2C solution that seamlessly melds entertainment and shopping. It’s all about merging products and content to create one immersive and interactive experience.

The Project

When I joined the Alibi Tech team, they had been working on the project for over two years. We realized it was  time for a rebrand and restructuring of the platform and website.

As a graphic designer, I recognized the need for a well-defined brand with clear guidelines and a target audience. This led to an important step that had been overlooked: UX research.

The suggested improvements included:

  • Enhancing usability

  • Refining the user interface

  • Optimizing UX copy

  • Elevating imagery

  • Crafting effective messaging

Problem Statement

"When I am watching videos about products, I want to be able to buy the product right on the spot."

The redesign aimed to create a new structure, flow, and design, enabling users to effortlessly create shoppable videos, manage their products/videos, and embed a widget into their Shopify Account.

Objectives & Goals


Redesign Goals

  • Deliver a personalized experience with an intuitive user interface.

  • Propose a more engaging and seamless experience, instilling confidence in users to create their shoppable videos.

Personal Goals

  • Embrace various roles in product design, from User Researcher to User Experience Designer and UI Designer.

  • Enhance my learning journey by challenging design decisions and finding solutions.

The Product - Before

The Alibi Branded Channel Platform was a curated Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) video-on-demand and e-commerce OTT platform. It aimed to unite Communities, Talent, and Brands by providing an elegant platform to view premium content, purchase related products, and seamlessly share on a single platform.

Before 1.png

Banner Design

Old Widget and Banner 1.png

My Observations

Upon initial assessment, I noticed a few key points:

  • The visual appearance of the banner resembled ads and needed refinement.

  • The need to recreate an entire OTT website for each client seemed cumbersome for both us and consumers.

  • The platform lacked a mobile-first approach, which was vital in an era where online shoppers primarily use their phones.

Product Users

Our product caters to individuals who enjoy online shopping and e-commerce owners looking to elevate their brand.

The Rebrand

Vendy is a revolutionary platform that helps you turn your already curated videos into shoppable experiences. With the help of our platform, you can easily create engaging and dynamic links to your products, driving more views and sales. 


Our goal is to provide you with an easy way to increase your reach and make it easier than ever for your viewers to find what they’re looking for. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Vendy will help you reach the right customers and increase your sales.

Present Product

Today, the product is a self-serve dashboard, allowing users to effortlessly create shoppable videos and manage their products/videos.

  • The widget is now seamlessly integrated into their existing Shopify accounts, eliminating the need to create a separate OTT site.

  • A video editing timeline simplifies the process of crafting shoppable videos.

This revised version offers a more concise and engaging presentation of the case study, emphasizing the transformation and improvements made in the project.

User Personas

Jessica Lake


32, New York, Employee

A day in their life:

Spend their  free time online shopping as they don’t have time to go into a store

Easily influenced by social media and videos

Pain Points:

Never know what to expect when purchasing a product

Wants products fast and easy

Smiling Portrait

Rick Laundry 


45, Toronto, Owner

A day in their life:

Owns a successful e-commerce store

Not Social Media Savy

Wants to elevate his company

Pain Points:

Has been having trouble getting customer engagement on site

High drop-off rate


Landing Page- Redesign



Platform Redesign

Home Page 1.png

Before --> After

Video 3- Upload page 1 1.png
Add 1.png

Previously there wasn’t a feature for a client to add thier own products, we have now connected shopify to import the products from their site, which then can use to embed into their Vendy Banner

Banner Assignments 1.png
Products-  Shopify Not conneced-7 1.png
Product  to Video Collections 1.png
Products- 1.png
Product Assignments _ Banner 1.png
Product Collection 1.png

A timeline editor is in works for customers to be able to drag and drop products wherever wanted in the video rather than manually inputting the timecode, saving time.

Timeline Editor

The old platform our target was to create a new OTT website for every client, but now with the rebrand clients can embed our widget right into their Shopify e-commerce site easily.

You can now create a banner right in our platform, and it generates a code that you embed in a custom HTML block on your Shopify Account.

Video 10-Slider editor 1.png
Group 47383.png
Widget-1 1.png

Seamlessly embed your videos in your site with your chosen style

New Banner Designs

Our previous banner designs were not mobile-first designed. With the rebrand we made sure it was mobile first as most of the e-commerce shoppers use mobile devices.

We wanted customers to be able to watch the video and shop without leaving the screen as many of our competitors do.

Step 1.png
Step 2.png
Step 3
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